How To Plan A 50th Birthday Party:

50 years of life is a milestone one achieves. This should be celebrated in such a way that the celebrant will never forget the event for the rest of their lives.


A pool side party, for a group of about 50 guests, games, menu, dress code, decorations, timing and the budget are some of the items that will come to one’s mind.

Venue hunting:

Taking into consideration there are many venues to conduct a milestone birthday party; one can consider many cheap hotels that offer a fantastic experience. One must be carefully go through each and every package to select the ideal one from the list. It should be economical and should suite the requirement.

Making the guest list:

Half a century is a long time. One must have had friends come and go in his journey of life so far. But finding and inviting them for the event make it more exciting. When there are technological solutions currently available, it is not an impossible task. Find old friends from the google, LinkedIn or face book. Add them to the guest list. Family and other friends will be always on top of the list.

The ideal place:

If the birthday is falling in the season of spring, hosting this party in any of the beach hotels is a fantastic idea. The infrastructure of such a place will contribute majorly to conduct an unforgettable event to the celebrant and the guests.

Sitting arrangements:

Ideally arranged pool tables and chairs on the sea shore besides the pool will add beauty to the ambience. Each table to be arranged with fresh wild flowers and multi-coloured balloons. A big helium balloon with 50 written floating around.


From 5 pm to 8 pm.


Considering the age group of the celebrant and the guests it is best to have a light menu which should consists of veg and non-veg items with a touch of sea food. The welcome drink to be fruit punch and then red wine served with the food.


A musical band, face painting for kids, other games such as passing the parcel etc.


A souvenir carefully chosen with words printed about the birthday celebrant. This will be for each guest for taking it home with them.

The ultimate experience for the celebrant:

All the arrangements to be kept away from the celebrant so that it gives him the utmost happiness one deserves. Take the person to the venue without mentioning there is a party for him. All the guests to arrive before him to the venue as a respect towards him. And to his surprise he will find out that all his old pals are invited to celebrate the completion of half a century of his life.

What more could make him the happiest 50-year-old?