Month: December 2016

Advantages Of Being A Member At A Boat Club

If you possess great love for water activities such as sailing, jet skiing and rowing but cannot afford to purchase a vessel of your own, then becoming a member at a boat club would be ideal for you. Here are a few advantages of being a member at a boat club.


Instead of splurging all that money on just one boat of your own, you could access a versatile fleet of boats if you acquire a membership at one of the boat clubs. Since you will have a wide range of options to choose from, you could explore further into the world of water activities and try out different types of water sports depending on your mood. For example: you could rent out a sailing boat if you wish to go fishing with your friends or you could take your family out on a yacht cruise for a fun evening.


Since the boats at these clubs are constantly checked for maintenance, your safety is ensured. Whereas if it was your own vessel, you would have to take responsibility for any mishaps that occur. In addition, certain clubs offer instructors who will provide safety guidelines and teach you the techniques of handling each boat. Thereby making it easier for you operate it and ensure that you have a smooth ride.


The cost of an annual membership at a boat or Yacht Charter Abu Dhabi is 1/3rd the cost of purchasing your own vessel. Therefore, it is more affordable to get a membership rather than purchasing your own boat as you do not have to be stuck with only on boat. Moreover, you save up on the cost of maintenance, towing, depreciation, repairs and taxes. Therefore, you could save yourself some money and the hassle of maintaining your own vessel.


The annual memberships generally allow you to reserve the boats according to your own timings and preference wherein you could select a day of your choice to book a boat which you prefer. Thus ensuring that your plans are given top priority. Moreover, due to the large variety, you could choose from a number of options. Furthermore, you use the vessel only when u are in the mood for sailing and have no added responsibility towards it, whereas if you own a boat, you will have to constantly monitor it where it is towed and might have to use it even when you don’t feel like sailing.

Although it sounds luxurious and nice to own a vessel of your own. There are several disadvantages to it as people nowadays are extremely busy with work and it is not practical to have an added burden to maintain. Therefore, if you have a passion for sailing then go ahead and get yourself a boat club membership.

Corporate Grooming For Women

You have to be careful when it comes to dressing for work. You need to exude a sense of professionalism appropriate for your career. You need to know what to do and also what behaviour to avoid. First impressions are especially important when it comes to your work life. This will have an effect on how you are perceived by your employers, co-workers and clients. One of the main factors in determining your self-image is your level of personal grooming. When done correctly, it can improve your chances of excelling in the office environment as well given that you will be enhancing how you are perceived.

A certified corporate image consultant can guide you through the pitfalls of corporate grooming and styling. This will also give you an idea of how you can better conduct yourself in this environment. The basic things you can do are take care of your skin and hair. When it comes to hair, make sure that is it neatly styled. A simple hair style will be more professional when compared to more elaborate looks. It will convey a certain level of professionalism. If you have coloured hair it is important to keep up its maintenance. This means touching up your roots every so often to make sure it is uniform. Also, the hue has to be something conservative and appropriate for the work environment. Eyebrows should be neatly trimmed and if there are any issues with facial hair they should be taken care of. You can obtain the help of a stylist for such things.

A fashion designer in Dubai can give you an idea of how to put together an outfit suitable for your profession. You can also learn to present yourself in a competent way by improving your verbal and non-verbal communication skills. You need to look fresh and bright eyed. A helpful tip is to cover up dark circles that will make you look tired and sleepy using concealer. You can also use mascara to brighten up your eyes. This will give you an overall polished look. Super bright eye shadow and false eyelashes are to be avoided. Always try to go for a natural look. The skin tone has to be even and this can be improved upon by the use of foundation. You can check if you have unevenly coloured patches of skin by standing about five feet away from the mirror and looking for inconsistencies.

You can improve the condition of your skin as well by using moisturizer. This will make your skin look hydrated and fresh and you can avoid having dry flaky skin. You can also add some colour to your lips. Make sure you don’t go overboard with bright colours. If you’re using a bright lipstick you will have to pair it with neutral eye makeup to tone down the effect. Otherwise, a subtle lip colour or a lip gloss will be suitable.

When it comes to your hands and fingernails, keep your nails short, clean and in a neutral colour. Overly long fingernails can be off putting and will not be suitable for the work environment. Elaborate nail art is to be avoided as well. You can use moisturiser to keep your hands soft so that it will not be very abrasive when you’re shaking someone’s hand. Dental hygiene should be maintained as well. Make sure you have fresh breath throughout the day. Lastly, you need to be careful about how much perfume you put. Strong scents are to be avoided. However, it is a must to use deodorant or antiperspirant.