Month: July 2016

What Do You Really Know About The Way Your Vehicle Works?

Vehicles are no longer a bunch of passive electrons providing life force. It’s way more than that. A vehicle is a systematic and fully integrated electrical network. In other words, it is a computer. When you put on the stereo, when you switch on the air conditioning, when you push the tail lights button, when you apply the hydraulic brakes, and when you pull down your shutters, you are simply giving instructions to this ‘computer’. These instructions are processed through an Area Network, and then a signal is sent to the relevant section to initiate what is required by you. To put it mildly, the entire process is a binary one: ones and zeros. The better you understand this, the more prepared you are to face the problems that may arise. You should treat your car like you treat your favorite PC. You need to care for it. You shouldn’t think of it as an indestructible mould of steel. It is not. It could get a cold if you are not cautious. Link here to gain knowledge about Audi service center for delivering equally complex auto services.

What should I do?

Car programming is not a simple thing. It takes an expert to reprogram a car once it has been damaged. We are not merely talking about internal damage due to physical entities here, but also from immaterial entities like electronic viruses that could be introduced into its system deliberately or otherwise. A heavy task befalls the owner to keep track of these matters. After all, it is your precious vehicle that is at risk at the end of the day. What happens when a virus infiltrates the system? As per any virulent computer programming, it shall largely or completely disrupt the functioning of the said network, disabling the ability to respond to instructions given by you. The extent of its effect will depend on the strength of the virus. In this sense, although the operation-mechanism of a vehicle has been made especially sophisticated, and user friendly, the risk factor still looms large. You are required to regularly subject your vehicle to expert inspection.

It is not entirely your responsibility

As aforementioned, the task of detection-identification-treatment is not solely the owner’s forte. If it had been, then what use is there for experts? Perhaps in the near future apps and devices may develop to an extent that the owner can fix any issue simply by relying on the said software/equipment. Unfortunately for you, the practical problems are firmly rooted in reality and you are often expected to rely on the assistance of a technician from a vehicle service station. The good thing is, such engineers/technicians are qualified and equipped to handle almost everything put before them. You need only spend a little money on the service and may be little more on the hardware. If you are lucky, you may find a service provider who is willing to fix your car trouble for lesser fee. But you need to do a little digging. It may not be hard after all. Look to the internet.

How To Avoid Vehicle Trouble?

Vehicles often are like children. They too need a primary caregiver to attend to their daily needs. Lack of attention can cause the vehicle to breakdown just as a child would be susceptible to ailments when it’s not cared for. A routine therefore has to be maintained. Proper maintenance will ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. Daily, forces of nature are against the vehicle apart from the minor failures on our part. Tires will have to replaced, engine will have to oiled frequently, brake system will have to be doctored, and the car battery will have to be replaced. Failures thus could come in many forms and at unsuspecting times. You, as the driver or the vehicle owner need to be aware of the state of your vehicle, and need to be prepared to treat whatever ailment it suffers, or better yet you need to be able to identify the disease in the first place. Thanks to modern technology, such identification has been rendered relatively easier.

What do I do?

‘Car diagnostics’ doesn’t carry the same meaning as it did may be a decade ago. It doesn’t strictly speaking mean identification of a problem by car specialists upon inspection; at least, it is not confined to such a narrow definition.

As of now, the vehicle owner himself is being equipped to handle car diagnostics. How is this facilitated? There are numerous ‘diagnostic apps’ and devices to make you a better driver. You simply have to install such a device in your vehicle or download such an application into your Smartphone. They will assist you. You are able to check speed, behavior, efficiency, exhaust emission etc. The aforementioned are only the basic ones among the plethora of facilities you are entitled to, as a cautious driver. Don’t wait your vehicle mechanic to tell you what is wrong with your vehicle, for he might be too late when he makes an accurate identification. Click on the app store in your Smartphone now. Get your app downloaded. You will feel as if have a driving instructor of your own sitting on the passenger seat, next to you. You will feel safe, and you will drive safely.

What are my options?

The choice of moving forward with technological miracles of the present day is entirely your choice. However, keep in mind that it will more often than not save your life and the lives of others. Human are made to err. This must be appreciated. Do you really need to take a risk in this sense? Also, think of the damage that you do the environment inadvertently? Did you know that your vehicle emission is way over the standard level? Did you think to get this rectified? Of course you had no idea: this could have been avoided with a suitable app to check the emission. This is merely one single instance where an app or a device would be advantageous. Did you know that there are advanced devices that identify various problems in your vehicle and estimate the cost of repair? Technology never ceases to amaze, does it? Don’t be lazy to install that app you have been told about; don’t regret the money you spend on one of these devices: safety is paramount.