Things About Cleaning Your Space That Your Maid Will Not Tell You

You might be close to your cleaning lady but you might not know everything. Most cleaners do not let their employers know how dirty their homes are. This is done as a sign of respect but it can be troublesome for the owners. Here are some things on cleaning that you must know about:


Keep in mind that simply because the cleaning lady cleans your home it doesn’t mean that their houses are clean. They say that cobbler’s child often goes barefoot, this applies to the cleaner as when he or she returns home they are too tired to do anything. For instance, the Dubai Marina maids will want to spend time with their kids or extended families.


You must keep in mind that these cleaners are not honest about your home. Some areas might be dirtier than others but you will never find this out as they will be worried about hurting your feelings. There might be a large mess in the front or even in the back area of your home.


The Dubai Marina maids will understand that they need to clean your home quickly opposed to having it perfect at all times. They will understand the importance of you wanting someone to visit your home in a hurry so they will try to get everything cleaned well quickly. Make sure that you do set goals which are realistic for your maid to follow.


Most cleaning people prefer homes which are empty so that they can visit them quickly to clean the place. If the place is full then the person will be more likely to chat with the owner or the person at home. They will also worry whether the owner is spying on them performing any chores. Sometimes intrusion can make it harder to complete a task quickly.


You must be aware that your cleaner will also have a family. It is important that they do not feel like they are not paid well. Make sure that they get a raise every few months especially if they do extra work at home even after hours. You must pay them extra for the work well done. If you only pay a minimum value then you might get a call from an employee tribunal. Remember to always ask your maid questions as they won’t tell you everything. This will help you figure out more details. You will be more attuned to the activities and cleaning aspects of your home.

How A Trash Compactor Affects Your Business

Business owners and managers have many goals indeed. One of the biggest is to make more money and to cut their expenses so that their profits are always higher. If you are someone who is into this type of money making mindset, you may think that the purchase of a good waste management system is going to hurt you more than it is going to help you. The probably thought running through your mind is that it is just going to be an added expense you don’t even need. Hiring a waste compactor is so much more than an expense though. Over time, you are going to see that purchasing and hiring the machine or the hauling company was a decision that can actually allow you to cut more costs, and open the door to more publicity, operational benefits and a positive environmental impact.

Saving Space Like Never Before

For one, you get to save space by using a cardboard compactor or anything like it. Compacting anything within a business allows for the volume of the compacted product to be anything from 10% to 50% that of its original volume. The amount of space required to dump this is then magically reduced by about 90% at times. This means that if everyone were to use these machines in the industry, there would be a huge amount of free space in the landfills, so that the environment could be protected for far longer. It also means that the compacted waste material isn’t going to take up space or be unsightly in the workplace. You can keep it there without having to worry about complaints about the eyesore that it is. It allows for the discreet storage and removal of waste products.

Cost Cutting Is Very Easy!

One of the benefits of a business using a cardboard compactor is that you get to avoid the costs that you get with frequent garbage collection. The state doesn’t send its trucks for free, after all. If you are a large corporation and you are involved in an industry like manufacturing, you are going to be able to take advantage of a huge opportunity to save costs. You will have a constant stream of waste product floating in from your processes on a daily basis.

There is going to be a huge amount of the budget dedicated to the expenses for hiring a garbage hauling company. This can be reduced by a large amount if the waste is compacted and only hauled away on a once-in-two-days basis.